T-Shirt Quilts and Memory Quilts


Are you saving T-shirts from school, sports, organizations, or concerts? Have a collection of shirts or clothing from a loved one. I can make a wonderful showcase with all those special T-shirts you have been saving. We can use any amount of T-shirts. 

A throw size quilt can be made from as few as 12 T-shirts. A king-size quilt may have as many as 42 or more T-shirts. The following are only typical examples. We can change the size of the blocks and sashing to get closer to a certain size you may want. For example, the T-shirt block can be only 12", it would depend on the graphics on the shirts. 

Fabrics from graduation gowns, costumes and uniforms can be added. I can insert a photo transfer or verse into the quilt for $5 per transfer page. You can have a double-sided quilt if you choose. We are only limited by our imagination!

The following prices include all fabrics (muslin, or black sashing, and muslin backing), batting, cutting, stabilizing, piecing, and quilting and binding. If you would like to have a different color for the sashing or backing, I carry a limited amount of colors. I can purchase the fabric for you and add the expense to your bill, or I can give you yardage amounts so you can purchase your own.


Traditional setting: The cost is $18.00 per block. The traditional setting for a quilt is a 14" block of T-Shirt or graphic with 2" sashing around the blocks as seen in the picture above. 

Custom setting:The cost is $20.00 per block.  Custom setting  will apply if we are using different sized t-shirts or graphics that have to be pieced together.  We can add fabrics from costumes or uniforms.  

The sashing may very within the quilt.

Cornerstones:  $2.00 each.  These are the squares separating the sashing between t-shirts.  Fabric of a different color than that of the sashing.  The price includes the cost of the fabric plus application.

Quilt sleeve:  $25.00.  Quilts that are to be displayed on walls should have a sleeve tacked on the top of the back so you can run a rod through it.

Photo transfer:  $5.00 per transfer page. I can make a color copy of photos or create verse to go in the quilt.


Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are similar to T-shirt quilts but are made from the clothing of your loved one. The price per block is $18.00. The blocks are 14 1/2"” and the sashing is 2”. Blocks are a 4 patch of fabrics. I can add verse or photo transfer for $5.00 a transfer sheet.