Quality Quilting Services

“Dear quilter, 

Thank you for choosing my machine quilting service. All of my quilting is hand guided and stitch regulated, in a nonsmoking, pet-free environment. My machine is equipped with a stitch regulator, which will ensure consistently even stitches. Machine quilting is more durable than hand quilting and will not rip out or tear with normal laundering and use. 

You may choose one of the many overall patterns to be applied to your quilt or custom work is available. Overall patterns are rows of continuous line quilting which cross the width of the quilt without regard to the quilt design. Custom work would be insets or design work to enhance an existing pattern. The custom category includes straight lines, crosshatching, grid work and stitch in the ditch, these options are the most difficult and time consuming.

I also offer a Frequent Quilters Card. This card entitles you to have your 6th quilt quilted with an overall pattern for 1/2 price. Inside, you will find a price guide to help you estimate the charges for your quilt. I also make custom quilts. Together we can design that special quilt you have been dreaming of. 

I have made many custom t-shirt quilts from customers, collections of souvenir T-shirts reflecting their varying interests. Memory quilts can be made from the clothing of your loved one. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

Quilt Repair

Have a loved quilt that needs some TLC and repair? Bring it over and we can discuss your options. If I am quilting and can’t get to the phone, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. Your quilts will be treated with the utmost care.




Machine Quilting

Machine Quilting

Machine Quilting


Prices for machine quilting are calculated by the square inch. Length X Width in inches= Total square inches X cost Per Square Inch (PSI).

Example: 60"x75" = 4500 square inches. Multiply this by the type of quilting desired (edge-to-edge) at .02 cents = $90.00. The minimum charge for quilting any item is $50.00

Overall: I have close to 100 patterns to choose from. These patterns vary from simple to complex. The price for overalls is .02 cents  PSI.

  For special borders, add $35.00. 


Machine Quilting

Machine Quilting


Custom starts at .02cents and may be as high as .06cents PSI. Depending on difficulty.





As an added service, I also can do your binding. My bindings are 3/8"-1/4" wide. Please state if you want a wider binding. Please include 1 yard of fabric for the binding. Double thickness binding, cut on the straight of grain of the fabric is sewn to the back of your quilt by machine, turned to the top and topstitched at a cost of .20 cents per inch.

If you want me to prepare and stitch your binding to the front of your quilt for you to turn and handstitch it will be .15 cents per inch.





The cost of repair is $20.00 an hour.