Machine quilting tips:


Prices are calculated by the square inch. Length X Width in inches= Total square inches X cost Per Square Inch (PSI).Example: 60"x75"= 4500 square inches. Multiply this by the type of quilting desired (Edge-to-Edge) at .02=$90.00 The minimum charge for quilting any item is $45.00. 

Finishing a quilt

As an added service I also can do your binding. My bindings are 3/8"-1/4" wide. Please state if you want a wider binding.  

*Please include 1 yard of fabric for the binding.  

Double thickness binding, cut on the straight of grain of the fabric is sewn to the back of your quilt by machine, turned to the top and topstitched  at a cost of .20 cents per inch. If you want me to prepare and stitch your binding to the front of your quilt for you to turn and handstitch it will be .15 cents per inch. 

Overall: I have close to 100 patterns to choose from
These patterns vary from simple to complex. The price starts at .01 PSI.

*Borders: Add $35.00

*Custom: .02 to .06 PSI. Depending on difficulty.*Have your quilt top pressed and mark the top with a safety pin.

*Any Fullness or tucks pieced into the top may not quilt out. Your quilt top will be as free of wrinkles as your piecing allows.

*There is a $15.00 charge for seaming any backing.

*Backing and batting must be 4" wider and 4" longer than your quilt top on ALL sides to allow for stretching.

Please let me know if you intend to bring the backing to the front as a self binding so I will allow backing to extend beyond the quilt

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